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Casio’s Split Camera Lets You Take Photos From A Distance


It is a problem that has bothered photographers from the days of daugerrotypes; how the hell do you fit yourself in the picture? It’s spawned everything from selfies to timing systems, but it continues to bedevil a surprising number of people. So Casio has a clever solution; create a camera...


Casio Metal Twisted G-Shock Watches Can Take A Beating

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Casio’s G-Shock watches are noted for two things: Being about as rugged as a watch gets, and being pretty ugly. Sorry, Casio fans, but let’s face it, when you design something for practicality and to take excessive amounts of abuse, generally you have to put aesthetics last. But Casio has...


The Hundreds Casio G-Shock GW 5610


Watches aren’t hard to come by.  That said, it ain’t easy to find a watch that gets our motor ticking (get it?).  Casio recently teamed up with LA-based lifestyle brand The Hundreds to produce the G-Shock GW 5610.  It sports a clean look unlike some of Casio’s other G-Shock watches thanks to...

G-Shock Casio Phone Android

Casio G-Shock Ruggedized Android Phone


We’ve heard of phones that can take bullets, albeit supposedly, but something tells us this handset from Casio might actually be able to survive a bullet wound to the body.  Why?  Well, first off it can purportedly withstand 1 ton of weight on its body, which is a feat in...

casio tryx

Casio Tryx Camcorder With 360-Degree Swivel Frame


Available starting April, for $250, the Casio Tryx is a 1080p cam that has the looks of a transformer phone but more than those of a mid-tier camcorder. In fact, the design is innovative even by phone standards, with a full 360-degree swiveling frame that surrounds the 3 inch 460k...

Casio H20G GPS Camera

Casio’s EX-HG20G Camera Geo Tags Pics Inside And Out


Among the slew of news from Photokina is a world first Hybrid GPS camera from Casio. What does that mean exactly? We’ll tell you – geotagging photos and videos indoors. That’s something more traditional GPS enabled cameras cannot do. The Exilim EX-H20G also comes with a world atlas and comprehensive...