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iPhone 5s cases

17 of the Best iPhone 5s Cases of 2014…So Far (list)


Looking to protect your iPhone 5s from spills, dust, drops and more? Or are you looking for a cool-colored case to accent your smartphone? Whatever your reasons are, we’ve compiled some of the best iPhone cases available. There’s slim-fitting ones, wallet folios, tough cases and more. 17. Ballistic Jewel Known...

S5 Cases

11 of the Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases (list)


You’ve already probably pre-ordered your new Samsung Galaxy S5 and can’t wait for it to arrive at your doorstep next month. Although it won’t start shipping until April 11, you can still start thinking about what kind of case you’re going to want to protect it. To help you make...


The iPhone Equalizer Case Brings The ’90s To Your iPhone


There are many, many, many iPhone cases out there, ranging from ones that make your iPhone a little easier to use photographically to ones that essentially turn your iPhone into a multitool. But on the goofier end of the scale, you’ve got cases like the iPhone Equalizer, which mostly exist...

BikeConsole PowerPlus Mount

BikeConsole Power Plus Mount Review


ike riders are increasingly putting their smartphones onto the handlebars — how else can they take advantage of apps and GPS and yes, even phone calls. But the case protecting a phone that’s traveling on a pair of wheels needs more than just a solid construction: it has to be...


GadgetReview Weekly Recap


We write about a lot here at GadgetReview. So much so, that you may have missed out on something really interesting and useful. That is why, starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly recap of a few things we believe you may want to check out. So without further...

in1 iphone case

In1 Multitool iPhone 5S Case Covers All Your Tool Needs

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Multitools and iPhone cases wouldn’t seem to go together, but that hasn’t stopped fans of both from trying and largely succeeding. But if you want a case that’s not only easy to use, but won’t get your phone impounded by an airport security guard, the In1 might just be the...