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iphone wood shell

The Shell Gives Your iPhone A Protective Wood Case And Charges It Wirelessly


iPhone users are always hunting for the perfect case, and everybody from Chinese knock-off manufacturers to Kickstarters are looking to offer it to them. But for those who want an iPhone with a little more class and style, or just like the look of wood, there’s a new case on...

KS_Story v4

10 of the Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases


Life is messy and it’s usually our devices that end up the victim of life’s accidents. But to combat what could be a huge disaster (we all know how hard life can be when you don’t have your smartphone available), there are certain precautions you can take like getting waterproof...

ipad 4 keyboards

7 iPad 4 Keyboards 2014 That Make Typing A Breeze (list)


For times when the onscreen keyboard on your iPad 4 just isn’t cutting it, it’s good to have a keyboard handy for those serious typing sessions. An external keyboard offers lots of tactile advantages that real keyboards provide without sacrificing the convenience of using an iPad. Many external keyboards come...


TurtleCell Protects Your iPhone And Ensures You Never Lose Your Headphones


One of the most useful accessories for your iPhone is, of course, your earbuds. But it’s also a pain in the butt to keep a good pair of earphones up and running, not to mention finding them in the first place. The TurtleCell not only covers both those bases, it...

iphone 5s tough cases

15 Tough Cases That Will Protect Your iPhone 5S in 2014 and Beyond (list)


iPhone 5s aren’t exactly cheap. As Apple’s latest “it” smartphone model (until the 6 drops), you’re going to have to dish out at least $199 for the 16GB and up to $399 for the 64GB one (that’s with a contract with one of the providers) or up to $849 for...

5c best cases

14 iPhone 5C Cases for 2014 (list)

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Apple’s iPhones aren’t exactly known for color, but all that changed when they released their 5C case that’s made of plastic and comes in five color choices (green, blue, pink, yellow, and white). Packing Apple’s A6 processor and the same 8-megapixel camera as the iPhone 5, the 5C is a...

PhotoProX main

PhotoProX iPhone Photography Case Review


he biggest problem with waterproofed, “tough as nails” smartphone enclosures is that they’re too large — they won’t fit in a pocket which is where a phone is normally kept. So I thought the PhotoProX iPhone Photography case would take a double hit by not just being a protective and...

ipad mini cases

13 iPad Mini Retina Cases That Deserve Big Attention 2014 (list)


The iPad mini with retina display is one of the hottest tablets on the market and if you have one, you probably want to protect it, fight? Even though it’s aluminum design looks pretty darn stylish on it’s own, you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop it and have it break,...


9 Waterproof iPhone 5S Cases To Make A Splash With in 2014 (list)

Get ready to make a splash this summer with your iPhone 5s in hand to capture all your fun thanks to these waterproof cases that’ll protect your precious smartphone from pools, rivers, ponds, oceans and perhaps even your toilet! These cases are meant to protect your smartphone from a long...

Evutec iPhone Cases Carbon Fiber and Wood

Evutec Wood S and Karbon S iPhone Case Review


Evutec?  Heard of ‘em?  Neither had I until their PR person reached out.  They make iPhone and Samsung Smartphone cases.  I agreed with reluctance to a hands on.  But only because iPhone cases are a dime a dozen.  Hence probably why you and I have never heard of them. I...


5 Reasons Why The Logitech iPhone Case [+] Is The Only One You’ll Ever Need

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If you’re anything like me, you probably change out your iPhone case quite a lot. Nowadays, accessorizing your gadgets is like accessorizing an outfit. A new case for every occasion. And with so many case choices out there, it’s kind of hard not to want to have a couple of...