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Nissan Debuts A Blind Spot-Erasing Rearview Mirror


Blind spots are enormously dangerous. As any driver can tell you, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of realizing that there’s somebody located exactly where you can’t see them, right when you’re about to switch lanes. Nissan would like to take that scalp-crawling fear away, with a new kind of...


Volkswagen’s Dune Beetle Is A Surfer’s Dream


Back before the Volkswagen was a high-end brand selling Golfs to yuppies, they used to be dirt-cheap cars that were easy to modify. As a result, there were a lot of Volkswagen dune buggies puttering across the beaches of America… something that this concept car would like to see again....

Toyota FT1 Concept (12)

Toyota FT-1 Concept Revealed

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Only every once in a while do you get a true surprise debut at a motor show these days; the information is normally leaked a few days before in most cases. Meet the Toyota FT-1 concept. Toyota FT-1 Concept Debuted The FT-1 stands for Future Toyota 1. The FT-1 was debuted at...


The 2014 Lucra L148 Is An American Speed Machine


Lucra is a boutique car manufacturer with a mission; produce supercars in America. And if the Lucra L148, their 2014 model, is anything to go by, that mission is well underway. Bugatti Killer Lucra’s best known model, the LC470, was undeniably a monster on the road; it went zero to...


The 2015 Ford Mustang Wants To Be Your Everyday Car


When you say the words “Ford Mustang”, the term “grocery shopping” doesn’t immediately pop into your mind, and for excellent reason; the Mustang can do many wonderful things, but it doesn’t even have an independent rear suspension, for crying out loud. Or “had”, rather; the 2015 Mustang is making some...


Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé Brings Style And Noise


Jaguar has never been noted for being a humble brand of automobile, but the F-Type, their next production vehicle, sums up their philosophy perfectly. It’s also quite possibly the most advanced car the company has ever put out. Here’s a look under the F-Type’s hood. Have a V8 First of...


Yamaha Is Going To Start Making Cars. Tiny Ones.


Yamaha is best known for making everything but cars. They make motorcycles, boats, scooters, wheelchairs, robots, even swimming pools, but not cars. Not until, apparently, they met Gordon Murray and decided he was onto something, because Yamaha is about to start making cars in a big way. Form Meets Function...


Tesla May Allow Android Apps Onto Its Center Console

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Tesla is the rare motor company that’s succeeded, and done so to a stunning degree, in American history. And they’ve done it by constructing what some might have viewed as a contradiction in terms, the luxury electric vehicle. And now, apparently, they want to go Android. Well, somewhat. Apps In...