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Meet Rolljam, The $30 Device That Can Steal Your Car


We take more on faith than we should when it comes to IT security. Recently, though, it’s been shown that cars in particular are less than secure. And nothing illustrates how far the auto industry has to go in order to protect your car better than Rolljam. Beep Beep Rolljam...

2015 Ford Mustang GT

2015 Mustang GT Review (plus video review)


I’ve long dreamt of owning a fastback Mustang.  A fastback from the Steve McQueen era.  Too bad they’re beyond expensive, provided you want something in decent shape.  Yes, they’re that sought after.  The alternative?  Perhaps the all new, 2015 Mustang GT. Under the hood is a 5.0l V8 that spits...


2014 VW Beetle R-Line Review


VW’s Beetle is by all accounts fun, zippy and with that in mind, youthful.  It’s also an iconic car that’s core design has lasted the test of time.  But is it a driver’s car? No.  Not in the truest form.   But it’s certainly on pace with VW’s other sportier offerings, which is...


The Volvo XC90’s New Interior Is Luxurious


Volvo’s reputation is largely built on putting out what amount to tanks. Most Volvos will roll until the wheels rust off, but they’re not exactly noted for luxury beyond that, and their 4X4 the XC90 was no exception. Fortunately, though, Volvo has decided to try a little harder with an...


The Crash Catcher Is A Two-Way Dashcam


If you live in the US, the term “dashcam” probably only comes up in your daily conversation when it’s combined with the words “Russian” or “holy crap, did that car just get totaled by a dump truck full of manure?” But in truth, it’s a good idea to have one,...


Now You Can Buy David Hasselhoff’s Custom KITT


Ahhhh, Knight Rider. One of the goofiest shows of one of the goofiest decades of American popular culture, the show about a man and the talking car he teams up with to fight crime is fondly remembered for how absurd it is. And now, you can remember that in an...

2015 Audi A3-003

2015 Audi A3 First Drive


You might have already read my post about Audi A3’s “hot swappable” infotainment processor.  And while that’s far from a stunning revleation in the tech world, it’s a game changer in terms of the car industry, which has a product cycle of 5 to 8 years.  Now, let me tell...