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CF Formula Carbon Fiber iPhone Case

CF Formula Carbon Fiber iPhone Case


This isn’t the first Carbon Fiber iPhone case that we’ve seen, but it is the cheapest.  At $59.99 you get real-deal carbon fiber, your choice of Diamond Black or Exquisite Black finishes, an ultra thin design (.9mm thick), 8g weight and an easy clip on installation.  The CF Formula Carbon...


Vertu Launches A Carbon Fiber Collection


After market car part fans can now rejoice thanks to the introduction of Vertu’s latest collection, the Carbon Fibre. They’ll be available this August and price, well you’ll have to ask, because Vertu doesn’t feel the need to publish or perhaps deter any potential buyers. The phone depicted here is...


Carbon Fiber Leather Macbook Pro Case (video)


Big into cars?   Wanna protect your brand spankin’ new Macbook Pro?  The Carbon Fiber Leather Macbook Pro case is light weight, doesn’t add too much bulk and takes just a few seconds to install.  It comes in two pieces – back and front – and includes a clear acrylic window...


Ferrari Carbon Fiber iPhone Case


Carbon Fiber has long been used in car body parts thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio.  Now, the material is making its way into iPhone accessories.  I give you the Clad Cases Carbon Fiber Apple iPhone 3G Case.  Crafted from the same carbon fiber used on Ferraris, the case is...


Kevlar And Carbon Fiber Wire Frame Bike


Until I bought my Specialized bicycle a few years ago, I thought they were all about function and completely void of form.  Turns out I was wrong.  When I started shopping for the right bicycle I realized I was searching for both form and function.  Some how aesthetics got in...


Carbon Fiber Wallet Helps Your Money Drift


I love seeing those dudes with the fatty wallets that they hold like burgers whenever they take it out of their back pocket.  Like a females purse, they never clean out their wallet to the point where it’s like a beached whale in a Burger King bathroom.  Lame attempts at...

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