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The SPARCS Camera Grenade Sends Cameras Flying


The grenade is probably one of the most oddly iconic weapons in human history. We make everything from mugs to Airsoft toys out of them. But the grenade is constantly being improved, and has more new ideas applied to the form factor. Like, for example, the SPARCS Camera Grenade. Droneless...

g1x markII 2

Canon G1X Mark II Is Canon’s Next Point-And-Shoot


Canon has never been shy about making a point-and-shoot camera that is full of options and arguably better than some DSLRs. But with the G1X Mark II, it might have just gone a little bit overboard. Where’s The Beef? In Here. First of all, let’s talk sensors. The 1.5 inch...


The Olympus OM-D EM-10 Is A Speedy Mirrorless Camera


Mirrorless cameras are becoming increasingly popular among amateurs and even some professionals who prefer a slimmer form factor and don’t mind the crop factor. And Olympus wants to keep the trend going, with its new OM-D. We’ll Avoid The Obvious OMG Joke Perhaps the most surprising is that Olympus has...

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The Olympus SP-500 Is A Sniper Camera


DSLRs are becoming more and more commonplace, and cheaper all the time. But how many of them have a laser sight? That’s pretty much Olympus’ pitch for its new superzoom camera. Point And Zoom The SP-500 is, in a lot of ways, your typical point and shoot, although it does...


EasyGimbal Is A Simple GoPro Stabilizer


There are a lot of accessories for the GoPro, not least because the tiny little action cam is hugely popular. But it’s also sometimes hard to get a stable shot with it, especially handheld. Why not get your very own GoPro Steadicam? Keep It Steady The device in question is,...


Pivothead SMART Glasses Live Up To Their Name


It’s not a secret that the future of video recording is perched on your nose. Even if Google Glass never really takes off, the hands-free form factor and high-quality video you can get with video glasses makes it highly appealing to journalists and filmmakers. And Pivothead has decided to build...


Oppo N1 Is A Phablet With A 13MP Camera


Smartphones are getting better and better cameras all the time. This doesn’t mean, of course, that there are other features that perhaps you should put first, but if you use your smartphone primarily to take snapshots, you might want to take a look at the Oppo N1. Even if you...


Piper: Home Security Just Got Tiny And Cute


Increasingly, we want to be able to monitor our homes even when we’re not there. Maybe you’ve got a dog we want to keep an eye on, maybe you want to see if the maid really is rubbing her butt on everything you touch, maybe you’re the Jigsaw Killer, hey,...