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The Sony RX100 Puts Slow Motion In The Palm Of Your Hand

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As imaging technology improves, we’re seeing more and more slow motion video on the Internet and at home. Which is a good thing, because the slower things are, the more details you can spot. Oh, and, of course, it’s fun. But it’s usually low resolution, so Sony’s new point-and-shoot, the...


Welcome Is The Camera That Recognizes Your Family


Facial recognition is the technology many people are scared of. What will it mean in a world where cameras are everywhere that these cameras can greet you by name? Will privacy of any form even exist any more? Will what we define as “public” take on a new definition? Will...


Bubl Is The First True 360-Degree Camera


Panoramic cameras, even “spherical” cameras, aren’t really anything new. In fact, we’ve been building, testing, and playing with them for years now. But, they can always improve, and the Bubl might actually be an enormous step forward, for a fairly simple reason; it doesn’t have a blind spot. Coming From...


Seek Lets Your iPhone See Through Walls


It’s not discussed as often as it should be, but smartphones and apps have made stunning strides in making imaging accessible to the general public. Yeah, you spent ten minutes shooting stuff in slo-mo on your iPhone, but it means the great unwashed can mess with it. Similarly, Seek brings...


Casio’s Split Camera Lets You Take Photos From A Distance


It is a problem that has bothered photographers from the days of daugerrotypes; how the hell do you fit yourself in the picture? It’s spawned everything from selfies to timing systems, but it continues to bedevil a surprising number of people. So Casio has a clever solution; create a camera...


Sony’s QX1 Turns Your Smartphone Into A DSLR


Smartphones are great for quick snapshots and man-on-the-street photography, but they’re not exactly ideal for more complex shots, and the lack of real interchangeable lenses make it difficult to get exactly the effect you want out of a phone. But Sony has an idea that might just change how you...


Kimd Lets You Take A Concert Photo Without Being An Ass


Everybody hates the guy taking a photo at a concert. Holding up your smartphone blocks the view of others, and just as annoyingly, shines an enormously bright light in everybody’s face. Kimd can’t solve the former, but it can definitely solve the latter. Dim Screens, Bright Bulbs Ideally, of course,...


Lomography Goes Old School With A New Instant Camera


Instant cameras were once the biggest deal in casual photography. Sure, they weren’t necessary the most sharp or brilliant photos, but they were able to capture instants for all time, and many of those types of cameras inspired social networks like Instagram. Leave it to Lomography to bring the technology...


Samsung’s NX3000 Camera Is A Worthy Successor


The Samsung NX2000 was a pretty good camera. It wasn’t a high-end DSLR, but it decidedly was a camera that transitioned users from point-and-shoots to the joys of interchangeable lenses. The NX3000 appears to be Samsung’s followup, and it also appears to inherit all the pros of its predecessor. The...