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Aiptek’s Announces PenCam HD


Aiptek’s PenCam HD might look like yet another pocket sized camcorder, but zoom in a little closer and you’ll notice that it’s got more to offer than some of its larger competition. On the back is a 1.1-inch OLED and despite its screen producing eye squinting images, this little sucker...


DIY Helmet Cam With Bungee Cords (video)


If you’re still thinking that you need one of those uber expensive helmet cams to capture a first person perspective video, think again.  Jesse Rosten has come up with a way to use an everyday bungee cord to achieve stunning results.  Don’t believe me, then hit the video below.  All...


Selfic Cube 7100: A Blackbox For Your Car (video)

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If you’ve ever tried to battle a speeding ticket, or just about any driving offense then you know how challenging it can be.  As soon as you step into the courtroom the judge, which is part of the law, is on the police officer’s side.  Unless of course you have...


The Zoom Q3 Camcorder Is All About The Professional Audio


Until recent, the focus of pocket sized (aka FlipShare) camcorders has been video quality, while audio has played second fiddle.  Fiddle no more says Samson.  Today the company introduced the Q3 Handy Video Recording.  It records 640×480 video, but the microphone is the main stay of this camcorder.  Using the...


Samsung HMX-U10 Intros 1080 Camcorder To Compete With Flip

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The vertical pocket sized camcorder has caught on like a bad case of the bird flu.  Entering the market today is Samsung with their HMX-U10.  I know what you’re thinking: “Flip already has this market cornered”.  Well, you’re partially right, but what makes the HMX-U10 unique is its ability to...


Soda Can Spy Camera Makes Me Thirsty For Snooping


While it might be a bit suspect that you have a full can of Diet A&W root beer on your counter, the babysitter or gardener will never know that you’re recording their every move, that is until they go and try to drink the refreshing beverage.  Jammed inside this spy...