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Scosche freedomMic

freedomMIC Adds Wireless Lavalier Mic To Flip Ultra HD 2


We didn’t cover it, but Cisco released new Flip cameras yesterday. They include a new port (the FlipPort) on the bottom for adding 3rd party accessories.  Today, Scosche announced the first one. It’s called the freedomMIC and includes two pieces: a Bluetooth dongle that plugs into the bottom of the...


Looxcie Bluetooth Video Headset


For cars and airplanes there are black boxes.  But what about us humans?  When you get robbed, punched in the face or groped you probably want some proof, not to mention a detailed photo of the perp. The Looxcie looks like your average new fangled Bluetooth headset, but it’s actually...

Canon XF100 and XF105 Camcorders

Canon Unveils New HD Camcorders: XF100 And XF105

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Canon today unwrapped two new HD camcorders, the XF100 and XF105.  They both record full HD video at 30fps and include Canon’s XF Codec and Compact Flash recording. Some other notable features are infrared recording, true stereoscopic 3-D production capabilities, a 10x optical zoom lens, MPEG-2 compression and an optical...


The Hatcam Should Be Renamed To The Crashcam


The Hatcam isn’t exactly what we’d deem as genius, but for those of you looking for some first person perspective on the cheap for all your wicked and wild stunts than this is probably the best answer.  Don’t blame us, though, if you crash and burn because you can’t see...


Waterproof LED Flashlight Lets You Record Underwater


Sure, we showed you the RC Plane Camera, but now we’re going the complete opposite of the sky — this waterproof LED flashlight doubles as a camcorder. It records 640 x 480 resolution videos to built-in 4GB memory with one touch recording, which can then be transferred to your computer...


Panasonic HDC-TM35 Is The World’s Lightest 1080P Camcorder


Panasonic breaks a world record with their new HDC-TM35, the world’s lightest 1080p camera. With dimensions of 51.5×107.5×57.5mm a 185g weight, it certainly lives up to its name. While not as small as something like the Flip, it certainly has better specs, with a 1/41 type MOS sensor, iA 23X zoom AVCHD...

Sony HandyCam8

Sony Celebrates Handycam’s 25th Anniversary (video)


If I didn’t already feel old, now I definitely do.  Today, Sony is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Handycam camcorder.  It was the first Video8 camcorder, which replaced the failed Betamax format and was, and still is a great catch all name for the palm sized device. The Video8...

Cerevo CAM

Cerevo CAM live Camcorder Adds uStream Support


Why you’d want a 3G device that can’t make phone calls but can stream video is beyond any Westerner consumer’s rationale, and hence why Cerevo’s CAM Live will be released in Japan only. At the core of the device is a 9 megapixel camera that can capture still photos and...

Solar Powered Camera

Solar Powered Camcorder


We’ve seen our fair share of solar powered gadgets, but none quite so odd as the HDTV-T900.  First up, it costs just $88.  Second, you can power it by simply placing it in the sun thanks to the two solar panels.   But outside of that it is your garden variety...