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GoPro 3D Camera Mount

GoPro 3D Helmet Camera Mount Now Available


GoPro now offers a 3D helmet mounting system that allows extreme sport enthusiasts to record full HD 3D footage.  While it costs just $99.99, you’ll need to own, or purchase two 1080p HD HERO cameras, each which cost $259.99.    An included synchronization cable connects the two cameras, which record...


JVC Impresses With GX-PX1 Camera

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With the exception of JVC’s recently released 3D camcorder, we haven’t followed the company’s product line too closely.  That is until Impress got their hands on the soon to be released GX-PX1.  It’s boasts the form factor of both a camera and camcorder. That lens you see has a 10x...

Sony Bloggie Touch Camcorder

First Look: Sony MHS-TS10 Bloggie Touch (video)


This is Sony’s Bloggie Touch camcorder.   So far I’m impressed with its build, size, weight, features and ability to capture video and audio. On the back of the device is a dedicated record button and a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen for naviagating the camcorder’s menus.   Much like Cisco’s Flip’s...

Samsung HMX-Q10

Samsung’s HMX-Q10 Camcorder Includes Switch Grip Tech For Lefties


Lefties can now rejoice, at least when using a camcorder, thanks to the introduction of Samsung’s HMX-Q10.  This camcorder captures full HD video and thanks to a built-in accelerometer, something Samung is calling Switch Grip, it automatically orientates the 2.7-inch LCD screen and video capture.  That means lefties, which are often left...

Gopro Hero 960 HD Camcorder

GoPro HD Hero 960 Extreme Sports Helmet Cam (video)


This past September GoPro introduced the HD Hero 960.  It’s a cheaper version of the HD Hero and shoots 1280×960 video at 30fps as opposed to 1080p.  As a result it costs $179, $100 less than its high rez brother.  It also lacks the HD Hero’s expansion port which allowed...