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Wakaru Sheet Cloth Calculator


Letting you either eliminate your dish cloth or your kitchen counter calculator, this odd combination gadget is sure to have fools WTF’ing all over the place.  Available in a myriad of different colors and patterns this could be a cutesy type of gift for Mother’s Day. Pragmatically speaking, I didn’t...


Lexon Safe Bamboo And Bio-plastic Gear

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Lexon’s line of aesthetically pleasing bamboo and bio-plastic gadgets is easy on the environment and cool on the eyes.  These solar powered and renewable energy mini-appliances will look positively earth awesome in your place.  No word on pricing or availability.  The LED solar flashlight is pictured above....


Lego Number Cruncher Is For The Calculating Builders


While I think Lego needs no introduction, those of you who are fans of the building block toys will surely enjoy the imitation Lego Calculator.  It’s a shame you can’t affix any actual Legos to the number cruncher and one can only wish that the display was removable for just...