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Slingbox’s New Hardware Makes Watching TV Anywhere Easy


Amid the hubbub surrounding the Supreme Court shutting down Aereo and arguments over the future of television, Slingbox has kept on putting out devices that let you watch your TV where you want to. And their latest devices will fill the gap you have now that Aereo’s gone, especially if...


Want HBO Without Cable? It’s Possible!


Many, many people are considering cutting the cord. And, as cable bills spiral ever upward and cable companies plan to merge their terrible customer service departments, it’s becoming more and more tempting. But what about HBO? Who wants to wait to watch Game of Thrones? Well, there’s good news on...

Wireless Joey

DISH Customers Can Nix Annoying Wires With The Wireless Joey


Wires are seriously annoying. In a world where everything is wireless nowadays, it’s kind of hard to tolerate devices that still rely on them. DISH fans who hate wires can now opt to get the Wireless Joey, which allows customers to bring the Joey system with them anywhere without the...

Star Wars headphones

STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Stormtrooper


eing honest, when I was first told about the STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Stormtrooper — I was thinking it was just another licensing deal that resulted in a pair of kiddies headphones that looked cute and cost about $29.99. When I heard that the...

ROCKI main



f you had to take a count of those people who  have audio systems — specifically an amplifier — in their home theater, it would probably equal less than those who have portable Bluetooth speakers. But a portable is never going to match the power of an audio system, not...

gibson cable

The Gibson Memory Cable Will Capture Your Musical Inspiration For Later


As a creative type, I totally understand that feeling when inspiration hits at the wrong time, with no way to track it. As a writer, I often think of themes to blog about or possible future book titles and then as fast as the idea comes, it’s gone in a...

xbox one 2

5 Things You Should Know About The Xbox One’s SmartGlass Upgrade (list)


SmartGlass, until now, has been something of an also-ran feature for the Xbox One. Yeah, it was there, and it was kind of cool, but Microsoft just does not seem to have done anything with it. That, however, was before they announced some upgrades that will make it highly useful...

Time Warner Is Setting HBO Free For $30/Month

Time Warner Offers HBO Go for $30/Month…Sort Of


Basic cable is a must these days, but the premium channels – like HBO – are a luxury. But Time Warner wants to change that with their new affordable plan that provides HBO and about 20 other channels for just $30/month for the first year. This is great for those...

TV Watching

Comcast vs. DirecTV (comparison)


In our ongoing TV service provider comparison series, let’s compare two giants — Comcast and DirecTV – and see who comes out on top. Comcast is the largest cable TV provider in the US, serving approximately 22 million customers across 40 states. DirecTV follows closely behind with about 20 million...


How To Quit Cable And Continue Watching All Your Shows (how to)


In the wake of the CBS/Time Warner Cable dispute, many families are reevaluating their cable providers, and it’s no secret that more and more homes are foregoing their cable subscriptions altogether—last week the LA Times reported the pay-TV industry lost 217,000 subscribers in one quarter. It might seem like an...

TV Watching

Cox vs. DirecTV (comparison)


Cox Communications is the third largest cable TV provider in the United States. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has about 6 million subscribers, with approximately 3 million customers paying for digital cable service. As a multi-system operator (MSO), Cox also provides Internet and phone service along with TV. Cox’s recently...