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Sanus Furniture Mount System FMS01-B1

Sanus Furniture Mount System FMS01-B1 Review


One of the benefits of the advent of flat-panel TVs is that you can attach them to walls. This not only creates that much-vaunted “video window” that SciFi has touted for years — along with adding a striking decor touch — but totally eliminates the footprint that placing it on...

Catbox Concealing Cabinet

Fancy Cabinet For Hiding Your Cat’s Litter


Cat litters. Nobody likes them. And what’s to like, crumply little masses of litter mixed in with the various excretions of a cat’s body. And the smell, I know litter is supposed to take care of that, but most times it doesn’t. So here’s a ‘furniture-quality’ cabinet with a generously...

Explosion Cabinets-2

Explosion Cabinets Aren’t For The Broke


This funky set of draws may look broke, but I can assure you that any person buying them is not.  The set costs a whopping $7,500 and must be wall mounted, regardless of whether or not you want to use it as one piece. One more pic after the ‘leap’...