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iPhone Bumper

Apple’s Free iPhone 4 Case Program Ends September 30th


Ah, the iPhone 4 case scandal. Funny how people keep buying iPhone 4s without complaint after all that rabble-rousing. If you recall, when Apple announced the program this summer they said it would last until September 30th, when they’d evaluate whether or not to continue the program. Now their answer...


Tutorial: Get Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case


Have an iPhone 4? Want a free case to fix all your reception woes? In an interesting PR move, Apple’s free case program is an iPhone app. You don’t get to pick a color for the Bumper (it’s black, the one on the left in the photo), but other cases...


Yup, iPhone 4s Are Already Being Scratched


This is Engadget’s iPhone 4 Review unit. They’ve had it longer than the general public, but not by much. As you can see, it’s got some noticeable scratches on it. Not huge, mind you, but they’ve appeared a lot sooner than I expect most users would be happy with. Oh...


Colored Bumpers Are Apple’s First Official iPhone Case


One less impressive but, in retrospect, interesting part of Apple’s announcements yesterday was the announcement of Bumpers for the iPhone 4, Apple’s first foray into an official case for the iPhone. This follows their official iPad case that came out with the device’s April launch. Constructed out of rubber and...