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HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet

HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet, Saves A Man’s Life


Who would have ever thought that a smartphone could be life saving…literally? A Florida gas attendant’s life was saved by his HTC smartphone during a recent holdup by gunpoint in an Orlando suburb. A man looking to rob the gas station walked in yesterday morning at 4;45 am and showed...

Bullet Cufflinks

9mm Bullet Cufflinks Are Shotgun Wedding Certified


There are no shortage of inventive cufflinks.  Some of the best I’ve seen are of the Star Wars ilk, but those are excessively expensive and might draw so much appeal due to their nostalgic quality.  Rising to the top of my list, assuming I was going to a “shotgun wedding”,...


Man Shoots Himself in the Gut to Test Bullet Proof Vest (video)


[GR]bUacUmhI7U4[/GR] Taking a bullet to the gut takes some serious cojones.  Shooting yourself at point blank while wearing a bullet proof vest, though, is clearly an excercise in stupidity that quickly negates any potential props one might receive from their peers. Nonetheless, that’s what this anonymous bearded character did.  You’ll...


50-cal Bullet Bottle Opener


At the end of the day a bottle opener is a bottle opener.  Some work better than others, some are metal, some are plastic, some are embedded into an iPhone case and some don’t work on the first try.  That said, you can bet there is no other bottle opener...

Bulletproof Clipboard

The Bulletproof Clipboard is No Joke (video)


Note taking has become a dangerous business, or so Thinkgeek would have you believe.  They’re hocking a product called the Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard.  While no description is probably needed, it’s probably best we dive into some level of detail, otherwise you might just be in denial....