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Therapik Anti-itch Mosquito Wand


Get a mosquito bite and you’ll probably incessantly scratch at it for hours with the intent of making the itching stop.  Too bad scratching only makes it worse.  Eventually you’ll end up with an unsightly blemish and pain, making you wish you had just suffered through the itch. The Therapik...

Dyna Trap Mosquito Trap

Dyna Trap: A Humane And Human Friendly Mosquito Trap


Spring and summer are just around the corner and for you east coasters that means one thing: mosquitoes.  The Dynatrap Insect Eliminator traps and kills mosquitoes and flies using zero chemicals.  Two UV fluorescent light bulbs attracts bugs from a far, while a Titanium Dioxide coating mimics the carbon dioxide...


Apple Gets Hit With More MobileMe Problems


I’m really disappointed in Apple’s iPhone 2.0 firmware update.  My iPhone’s reception is all wacked (it requires me to restart the phone periodically) and the UI is all laggy.  To add insult to injury, Apple has screwed up the launch of MobileMe.  In addition to email problems with MobileMe –...