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Ematic MediaBeam Streaming Media Player Review

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lot has been made of Chromecast, Google’s combination of a “Smart TV” dongle and linkage with a smartphone or computer. But the first out of the gate isn’t always the winner, so don’t count the MediaBeam out because it doesn’t have as big a “name.” Or ignored,  as this $29.99...

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Gaming Rumor: Sony To Bring FireFox To The PS3?


I can say right now that I have never really needed to use the web browser on my PS3.  Maybe because I have other ways to access the net.  For those of you who rely on your PS3 web browser will find it interesting that reports are coming in about...


Apple Finally Allows 3rd Party iPhone Browsers

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Apple, the bullies of proprietarianism, have conceded a bit as the App Store now boasts 4 new 3rd party iPhone web browsers. Will this be the start of something? Not that these browsers will be leaps and bounds beyond what is seen in Safari, but it's nice that there...