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Mixbag Transformer Bag Review


Laptop bags are a tough thing to buy. We all have different everyday needs that don’t always associate with anyone else’s. And we don’t just use the bag to it’s fullest, we use it to our most benefit…but at the same time also form to the available pockets and other...

Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill

Briefcase Turns Into A Portable BBQ


Be BBQ ready this summer with the Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill that allows you to be the grill master everywhere you go. On the outside, the grill looks like a vintage, classic briefcase – like one that a character from “Mad Men” would use. But when you open it...


This Briefcase Is Accessed Via Fingerprint Scanner


For the secret agents looking for additional security (though it can also be used by everyday bloggers), this Fingerprint Briefcase is opened by a fingerprint scanner. Made of nubuck leather and lined with soft suede, the briefcase certainly looks classy enough, and when you show people how you open it,...


Think Geek’s Briefcase Turntable


Coming soon to an OK GO! video near you, this Briefcase Turntable from Think Geek has got to be the smallest USB vinyl converter we’ve seen yet.  Priced at only $70, the turntable has a set of built in speakers and the actual briefcase is wrapped in vinyl.  It uses...