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Brewbot Lets You Brew Beer Automatically


Brewing beer is, for obvious reasons, a popular thing to do. It’s also a surprisingly difficult thing to do in some respects; brewing beer, it turns out, requires some of the toughest and most exacting food science many of us will ever attempt. Fortunately, this being science, there are tools...


Beercade Arcade Machine: Beat Your Opponent, Win Beer (video)


The saying is “to the victor goes the spoils”.  In this case it’s “to the victor goes…the beer”. The Beercade (yes, that’s Arcade and Beer combined into one word) isn’t just another arcade machine that serves suds alongside any old video game.  The Beercade combines a Kegerator with the company’s...

Beer Cave

Beer Cave Walk-In Cooler & Kegerator


The traditional Man Cave includes an oversized flat screen TV, an obnoxiously large home theater system that the wife hates, pool and/or ping pong table, a bar and hopefully a a few full sized arcade machines.  Sorry, but if you just built one of these, you’re behind the proverbial curve....