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Breathometer Breeze

Breathometer Breeze Breathalyzer Review


Driving drunk is for the birds.  Meaning you’d be an idiot to do so, especially in this day and age of Uber and Lyft.  But let’s face it.  We’ve all done it: head to the a bar or restaurant, plan on having just one and end up slugging back three or...

toshiba breathalyzer

Toshiba’s New Breathalyzer Can Detect Diseases


We all worry when it comes to our health and Toshiba wants to ease our worries a bit with their new disease-detecting breathalyzer. The only thing is that it’s only available in Japan at the moment. The breathalyzer can supposedly detect a bunch of diseases in just under 30 seconds...

Lapka's BAM

Lapka’s BAM Breath Alcohol Monitor Will Alert You Of Your Drunkenness


When you know you’re going to be having a super fun night out drinking (like tonight for New Year’s eve), the Lapka BAM breath alcohol monitor should be your companion. Small and light enough to fit in your pocket your clutch, the BAM’s black sleek exterior looks better than most...


Become A Smart Drinker Using Alcohoot


Drinking and driving is not cool, neither is drinking to the point where you become a drunk dumb ass. Avoid both by using Alcohoot, the device that will turn you into a smart drinker. It will instantly turn your phone into a breathalyzer. You’ll be able to track the amount...


6 Things You Should Know About The BACtrack Portable Breathalyzer (list)


You’ve done it: drove drunk, or at least under the infleunce.  Heck, for some one beer or one glass of wine is enough to get them DUI.  To avoid a ticket, and more importantly, lose your license for 90 days (1-year if you refuse the breathalyzer) one simply just needs...

Etch a Sketch Costume

10 Gadget-Inpsired Halloween Costumes For The Nerdy At Heart (list)


Halloween is literally days away and if you haven’t gotten your costume yet, we’ve compiled a few ideas for you! But these costumes aren’t just ordinary or traditional ones…they’re gadget-inspired costumes for all of the nerds at heart who want to stand out from all vampires, ghosts and zombies that...


Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Will Tell You If Your Diet’s Working


One of the most discouraging things many of us run into when embarking on a new diet or exercise regime is the fact that we’re not totally sure it’s working. Especially those first few weeks, it can feel like a lot of effort for no results. And sometimes, for various...


Don’t Imbibe Until You’ve Got The Kasai Breathalyzer Watch from Tokyoflash (video)

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I’ve seen a wide variety of watches, but none have would appear to be more useful than Tokyoflash Japan’s Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch. At this point you might have guessed that the Kisai Watch has a built-in breathalyzer.  Without a dedicated breathalyzer on hand there is no way of determining if it...


BACtrack Breathalyzer Connects To Your iPhone, Tells You When You’ll Be Sober


We all know that drinking and driving, otherwise known as driving under the influence of alcohol, in most civilized parts of the world is a big no-no.  Here in the US each state’s limit varies, but to play it safe, it’s best just not drink if you’re driving, or not...


Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer Hopes to Bolster Smart Choices and Reduce Driving Under The Influence (video)


[GR]3InreEvqeA4[/GR] You’re out with friends and having a great time. You drove to the function with no intention of drinking. But one thing leads to another Vodka and Red Bull and another Cosmo and another shot of Grey Goose.  Before you know it, “Presto!” You my friend, are sh*tfaced. Or...


Toyota To Add Built-in Breathalyzers To Their Vehicles


Toyota, it seems, really doesn’t like the thought of you getting plastered and then going out driving their cars.  Thus, they’ve decided to figure out a way to wire a breathalyzer to your ignition column and make the car impossible to start unless you blow a clean meter, or, show...