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Brando USB Carabiner Flash Drive


We've seen flash drives in a variety of forms before, but none in the shape of climbing gear. Ok, so the carabiner is no longer synonymous with mountaineers, but cars and house keys. So instead of hooking the flash drive to your keychain the keychain is the flash...


The World’s Smallest Hovercraft


When I was a kid I owned an RC hovercraft.  It worked for all of 2 days and then its rubber housing broke.  Well, here’s my opportunity to revisit some childhood memories, or lack there of.  This tiny RC hovercraft is just 4.1 inches in length, can be driven forward,...


Super Tiny Keyboard

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Tight on desk space?  Or perhaps you have really small hands? Here you go.  Brando’s ‘Super Tiny Keyboard’.  It’s got 56 keys and connects via USB port.  Measures 170 x 73 x 15mm and weighs 56 grams. Ya, that’s an iPhone for size comparison. Available here for $25 [Ohgizmo]...