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Crap Gadget?: Brando Triple USB Foot Switch


Taking cues from an organ and a sewing machine, this USB footswitch lets you control 3 of your inputs with your itchy trigger feet.  Totally programmable, you can add more switches if you need them(?), but there are unfortunately no sound effects (besides your own) associated with each pedal push....

iPazzport Keyboard Touchpad

iPazzPort: A Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard And Touchpad


If you’re not feeling Lenovo’s Bluetooth Trackball Keyboard setup then checkout Brando’s offering, the iPazzPort Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard and Touchpad.  Instead of a trackball or mouse, it incorporates a trackpad complimented by a backlit keyboard.  Connectivity comes by way of Bluetooth making it widely compatible with most home theater PCs...

Domino Laying Truck-1

This Domino Truck Does The Laying


Trust Brando to sell a toy that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that”.  The domino dropping truck removes the painstaking process of laying out the rectangle shaped, topple-me-over toys.  You can choose between a straight line or set the steering to a curve. As much as I...


Brando’s Mini-Flexible Mic For The iPhone


For those of you trying to get more audio fidelity out of your iPhones, than this new mini-microphone from Brando just might do the trick.  Capable of swiveling and angling, this mini-shotgun mic is supposedly 10 times better than the regular iPhone one. Boosting input gain by +25db, this tiny...


Brando Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset


Brando has made a “why didn’t I think of that” gadget in the form of their solar powered bluetooth headset.  Providing infinite standby time under direct sunlight, you can also charge it via USB through your computer or AC wall plug.  You can even buy two of them and use...


Brando SATA Dock Takes On Speakers And USB Ports

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Apparently, Brando has no product that is too gimmicky or too useless for them to push.  Their SATA hard drive dock does the usual and also includes a built-in speaker, which can play music from one of the two USB ports.  It also features a microphone in jack for VoIP...


Brando Wireless Keypad With A Built-in Trackball


If you're an accountant, or of the number crunching type, a laptop's keyboard probably isn't ideal. A hence why you'd want Brando's Wireless USB Keypad. Not only does it feature a complete numeric keypad, but includes short cut buttons for media and a trackball that virtually replaces your...