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The OneBowl Is The Only Dish You’ll Ever Need


You’ll never need to spend money on dishes, tupperware or pans ever again when you have the OneBowl around. The new Kickstarter campaign makes for less dishes to wash since you can cook with it, strain from it, eat and store all in one bowl. The OneBowl was thought of...


RuffBowl: Doggie Bowl + Poop Carrier (video)

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Ask any dog owner, and they’d gladly pay hundreds, if not thousands to not scoop up another dog turd with one of those less than handy doggy bags.  So how about paying $8? [GR]wub7r5QE0io[/GR] Okay, so the RuffBowl won’t negate the inevitable poop cleanup, but it does include a slot...

Mixing Bowl with Scale

Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale


Convenience as often the root of any good product.  For example, almost 3 years ago we got word of a measuring cup that took out the guess work and could automatically display the displacement on digital display embedded in the handle.  While the Digital Mixing Bowl & Kitchen Scale from...