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Pop Top Can Opener

Retro Style: Pop Top Can Opener


You’d either have to be born in the 70s or visited Europe sometime in the 80s to remember the pop top cans.  What were they?  Instead of today’s soda can tops, which stay intact after opening, the old school tops would peel off the can.  They proved to be a...

Bottle Opener Pen

Bottle Opener Pen Will Surely Get You Her Number


Where there is an unopened beer bottle there is a will to open it.  While I prefer to crack my bottled beer with a lighter – it always garners a reaction – the Bottle Opener Pen shouldn’t be overlooked.  It’s made of brass and stainless steel so it probably weighs...


This Lightsaber Bottle Opener Is All Kinds Of Win


Now this is just pure awesome. The Lightsaber Bottle Opener will make you feel like a Jedi Master, even as you’re getting progressively more tanked. It’s 5.5 inches long, constructed of stainless steel, and modeled after Luke’s saber in Return Of Jedi. Which means you must own it. It’s available now...

Bottle Opener Tshirt

Bottle Opener T-Shirt (video)


Much like the video depicts you’ve probably scoured your kitchen and your house to open a cold brewski only to turn up empty handed.  Usually you’d resort to slamming the bottle down on a kitchen corner resulting in a broken counter top or worse yet, a broken bottle.  Stop.  For...