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Bose Goes Wireless And Streaming With Their SoundTouch Systems


Bose is, for many, the first and last name in music playback. And for a reason; their sound reproduction is generally spot on and a good way to listen to anything from radio to lossless sound files. And now they’re tackling streaming music with the SoundTouch. Self-Contained Radio Streaming Essentially,...


Bose OE2is Headphone Review

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Generally speaking, a good pair of on ear headphones will outperform any pair of ear buds thanks to the fact that they can house much bigger drivers, which in turn produce more bass and a wider spectrum of sound.  However, one major caveat to these types of headcans, is that...


Best Deals Last Week: October 17th (list)


With plenty of sales over the last week it’s very clear how just about anyone could take advantage of the savings. Everything from Cameras to video game peripherals and Bluetooth Headsets have been graced with low prices, some of which the lowest we’ve ever seen. Here’s some of the best...

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Bose OE2 Headphones


Bose has a new set of headphones, the OE2i and the OE2. They’re both identical in the specs department, though the OE2i includes an inline mic designed to work specifically with the iPhone. The OE2s are smaller and lighter than Bose’s original on ear headphones and use memory foam –...


Bose LifeStyle 135 Soundbar


Bose must be nuts, but we already knew that.  They’re asking $2,500 for their newest sound bar system, the Lifestyle 135. It includes a wireless subwoofer, remote, iPod dock and a wall mountable speaker that fabricates full surround sound.  The remote connects via RF so you can increase or decrease...


Bose Soundlink


Jawbone’s Jambox totally caught us off guard.  Before listening to the diminutive device we had already decided that it couldn’t possibly produce awesome sound.  Boy were we wrong.  So that’s why we’re reserving judgement on Bose’s Soundlink Mobile, a Bluetooth, battery powered speaker (it can also be plugged in). While the design...


$5,349 Bose Video Wave Is High End Everything


Bose, the high end audio company, is making a partial switch from elite headphones to premium video systems. The Bose Video Wave, costing a very self conscious $5,349, is made up of four pieces.  A 46 inch LCD TV with 1080p resolution, a console that takes care of ALL your...


Bose Announces QuietComfort 15 Noise Canceling Headphones


Remember that Bose press event we told you about earlier this week?  Well, it went down in NYC today and they announced their newest noise canceling headphones, the QuietComfort 15.  Form factor wise they pretty much mimic the Quiet Comfort 2s, but offer improved noise cancellation.  Those who attended the...


Bose To Announce Mystery Product On August 19th


Bose is set to introduce a new product on August 19th according to a press invite sent out to select media.  What it is unknown at this time, but the company is claiming it is their “best ever [in 30 years]”, which is bold to say the least.  Chances of...


Bose Cuts The Cord With The Soundlink Speaker System


A speaker that doesn’t need anything to produce sound?  Well, sort of.  Bose has recently announced the release of their SoundLink speaker system. This new system uses a USB dongle to transmit your computer’s music (or compatible device) wirelessly to the speaker setup. It has a built-in Lithium ion battery...