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Armed Notebook

Armed Notebooks Are Ready To Set It Off…At The Airport


The “pen is mightier than the sword” is a largely held belief.  So what about the grenade, hunting knife or handgun? The Armed Notebooks are an all black affair that are designed to channel “violence into beautiful words and drawings with our creativity!!”  Yeah, sounds pretty savvy to us.  Each...

AnyBook Reader

Anybook DRP-4000 Reads Aloud When Parents Aren’t Around


If your kid isn’t old enough to read by himself but has discovered the magic of books, Franklin just came up with a children’s reader that will keep your young one’s passion for stories alive. The Anybook DRP-4000 looks like a rather large pen and doesn’t need a computer or...

Floating Book Ends

Floating Book Ends


Every bookshelf needs a little pizzaz, right?  These bookend creates the illusion of two floating arrows that press the books together.  In actual fact a metal holder is hidden inside each book placed at the end of the stack that attracts the arrows magnetic tip.  $35 will score you a...

Hubler Book Table

The Badass HÜBLER Book Table


Forget about book shelves – those are so passe.  The HÜBLER Table’s concrete legs have built-in slots for storing all sorts of slender shaped objects or books, which ever you prefer.  The glass top makes it viewable from all angles.  Too bad there is no interior lighting in between the...

Jaba Palace Bookends

Jabba’s Palace Star Wars Bookends


Today is like any other day.  The sun is out, the birds are singing and we’ve got another piece of Star Wars paraphernalia on our hands.  Last month we showed you the Star Wars bookends, Lightsaber included and this time, playing to the tune of complimentary, is the Jabba’s Palace...

Tactile Porn for Blind

Tactile Porn For The Blind, Feeling Is Believing


Here’s an interesting new idea: Artist Lisa J. Murphy has created Tactile Mind, an erotic book for the blind and visually impaired. Each page of the book features raised-plastic sexual imagery alongside Braille text and photos describing the image. Murphy first created these sorts of touchable images after working on...

Star Wars Lightsaber bookends

Star Wars Bookends Put The Force On Literary Texts


Believe it or not but Star Wars fans actually read books.  In fact, the Star Wars books are quintessential to true Star Wars fandom.  But how to keep all those Jedi inspired books in neat order is not something any little rebel should take on, unless of course you’ve got...

200 Page Per Minute Book Scanner

200 Page Per Minute Scanner Built By Japanese Research Team (video)

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With e-books quickly becoming more and more popular, one can forget about the vast amounts of printed books yet to be digitized. Masatoshi Ishikawa, a professor at the  University of Tokyo, is trying to get those books scanned as quickly as possible. He has created a super fast scanner aptly-named...