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Pineapple Electronic’s Rumble K Vibrating EarBuds Review

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Looking for a new pair of earbuds?  Look further.  The PineApple Electronics Vibrating Earbuds have to be the most dull earbuds I have ever had the discrete pleasure of listening to. Their whole gimmick is that they vibrate in your ears to the music.  In theory,  it “sounds” like a...


Thanko Bone Conduction UnderWaterProof Earphones


Bone conduction seems to be of all the rage these days when talking about submersible earphones.  I had a bland experience with the Finis SwiMP3’s and feel that music underwater has yet to be truly conquered. Thanko of Japan has just announced the new EMP-708LITE Vonia earphones that use bone...


Motorola’s Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset Boasts Bone Conduction Tech


Motorola’s handset division might be in a serious slump, but that hasn’t deterred them from developing new products.  Announced today, the Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset combines Motorola’s CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology with something the company is calling ‘stealth mode’, which is just brand speak for bone conduction technology.  Pushing a...


PAMSH PS-700 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset


Is it me, or are bone conduction headphones more gimmick than anything else?  I mean really, have you ever used a pair of headphones inserted half way in to your ear?  The ambient outside noise, which these clearly don’t block, is so damn distracting it’s in ear or over ear...