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BlackBerry Bold 9930 Review


You can’t throw a rock these days without hitting someone who thinks RIM is doomed, but you wouldn’t think so when you put the latest BlackBerry Bold in your hand. This phone gives a fantastic first impression, with an industrial design that feels solid and polished. For all that’s been...

Blackberry Bold Touch

Blackberry Bold Touch Gets An Official Hands On


Say hello to RIM’s Blackberry Bold Touch.  BGR got a hands on with the phone and to say the least they are very impressed with its solid build and responsiveness. Unlike the regular Bold, this phone sports a 2.8-inch 640×480 touchscreen and includes a 1.2Ghz processor as well as a...

Blackberry Bold White

White Blackberry Bold Launch Date And Price Revealed


Looks like it’s official with AT&T’s announcement, the up to now black BlackBerry Bold will be making an appearance in a ghostly white skin. At first I thought it a bit strange but it’s definitely growing on me. Expect an October 18 release for $199 after 2 year contract. This...