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F-16 Fighter Jets Can Now Be Converted To Unmanned Drones


The F-16 was one of the iconic fighter jets of the twentieth century, but, like all military hardware, it was eventually replaced by something else and retired to a stately desert to quietly rust away. At least until Boeing decided they could totally turn them into awesome robots. F-16 Unmanned...


Aeroloft: an 8 Bedroom Suite Coming to a Plane Near You


A trans-Atlantic flight doesn’t exactly pair well with a short business trip.   You know this especially if you fly coach, where the seats are cramped, don’t recline more than a few inches, and offer anything but comfort for those long flights.  Of course, this is more a penalty for...


Boeing Unveils Phantom Ray Unmanned Aircraft


Boeing recently unveiled (or disclosed, if you want to put it that way) their latest invention, the Phantom Ray. The Ray is a remote-controlled stealth aircraft that’s got some seriously impressive specs. Intended for “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” the Phantom Ray is 36 feet from wingspan to wingspan, and the...


Boeing Advanced Tactical Laser Actually Hits A Target!


Here we go into the twenty first century of warfare, folks, as the Airborne Boeing laser finally manages to hit a ground-based target for the first time ever! The Air Force only a few short hours ago announced that, back on August 30th, a C-130 mounting a Boeing ATL (Advanced...