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star wars onesie

Get Comfy With Some Star Wars Onesies


If you thought onesies were just for babies and kids, you’re totally wrong! Adults can get in on all the comfy actin, too, and these Star Wars Onesies for adults are great for any fans or serious collectors (or even if you’d like to entertain your geek side). The officially...

Episode V - Carbon Freeze Chamber Diorama

An Impressive Episode V Carbon Freeze Chamber LEGO Diorama


People can do some amazing things with LEGOS! Take for instance this Episode V – Carbon Freeze Chamber Diorama made of thousands of LEGO bricks for the ImperiumDerSteine Star Wars Contest. This diorama depicts an unforgettable scene from the last  Star Wars movie, 1980′s The Empire Strikes Back. It’s made by Markus 1984...


WANTED: Boba Fett Kitchenaid Mixer


There are few tools that I require in the kitchen, and a mixer is one them; it’s paramount to baking success.  However, as a guy a traditional looking mixer can be a bit emasculating.  Unless of course it looks anything like this Boba Fett Kitchenaid mixer. The back story: I...

star wars gifts

25 Top Geekiest Star Wars Gifts (list)


Christmas is only days away, so if you have any last minute gifts to grab, you better do it ASAP! For those that have Star Wars fans on their gift list, we’ve compiled some of the geekiest gifts for those that can’t get enough the sci-fi saga. From small stocking...

star wars weapons

10 Top Stars Wars Weapons (list)

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Star Wars had many cool factors to it and one of them was its massive array or unique weapons. While the lightsaber might be the most popular and iconic, the galaxy actually had a ton more weapons that didn’t get much attention. We’ve found some of the coolest weapons in...

Boba Fett Sneakers 2

Boba Fett Star Wars Sneakers


When the words “Boba Fett” and “adidas” are in the same sentence you know you’re in for something tasty.  These are the very limited edition adidas Boba Fett ZX 800 Sneakers. They come sealed in the always genuine Star Wars toy packaging, so were not sure how you determine the...