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Fish List

11 Devices That Will Transform You Into a Fish (list)


If you’re stuck in an area of the country that’s currently having a harsh winter, then you’re probably dreaming about summer and a tropical getaway in a much warmer climate. You’d probably trade in your snow boots and snow shovel for swim shorts and some snorkeling gear, right? Well, to...

shipwreck scale

Here’s The Funniest Intentional Shipwreck Ever (Video)


Ships are gigantic metal objects that spend years, even decades, hauling people and cargo across the water. But, inevitably, there comes a day where a ship must be retired. But if it’s going to go out, at least it’s going to go out in style. Crashing Waves, Crashing Ships The...


The Jet Capsule Is A Cross Between A Yacht And A Jet-Ski


Watercraft are one of those creations where the technology is constantly advancing, and yet the price will never fall to the point where you can afford one. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t drool over it, and if nothing else, the Jet Capsule is eminently droolworthy. Tiny, But Powerful...

Wally 55-1

The Future of Boating Can be Found in the Wally 55


Just the other night I was watching the Michael Bay blockbuster, “The Island”.  I generally loathe Bay’s films as they’re more often than not a gross display of money in film making and rarely focus on the story.  Yet, I enjoyed the flick.  I also enjoyed the boat that was...

Venus Yacht-2

Steve Jobs Mega Yacht, “Venus”, Unveiled (video)


[GR]0mUp1PP98uU[/GR] Almost one year after his death, Steve Jobs’ mega yacht has made its first appearance in the Dutch city of Aalsmeer.  The boat is reported to measures some where between 230 and 260 feet in length and as you’d imagine boasts as assortment of Apple products.  In fact, if you...


The Subwing Lets You Fly Underwater


The Subwing takes playing in the water to new heights! Invented in the summer of 2012 by Simon Sivertsen, the Subwing is an underwater toy that looks like a fish’s fin and allows for outdoor enthusiasts the chance to “fly” or glide underwater as they’re dragged behind a boat (with...


Say Goodbye To Summer In Style With The Sharkboat


Summer’s almost over, so you better get out to the beach while you still can, and you better do it in the sharkboat. This submersible is up high on my list of “awesome.” Okay, so it’s actually not called the sharkboat, but it’s real name, the Seabreacher X,  is still...