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Hoverkraft Improves Board Games By Adding Magnets


Board games are always useful to have in the house, but they can also be a little flat. As in, dimensionally; they don’t call them board games for nothing. So ThinkGeek, the ever reliable purveyors of nerd toys, wound up solving that, with a board game of their own design....


Wall Scrabble Takes Fun To New Heights


Everybody loves board games, with many naming Scrabble as their ultimate favorite classic board game. Popular with kids and adults sine 1949, Scrabble is taken to new heights (literally) with the Wall Scrabble Jumbo board game from Restoration Hardware. Super Big The board game has been transformed into a monster...


Clue Luxury Edition Brings Mr. Boddy’s Mansion To Life


There are people who casually enjoy board games. And then there are people who get really, really into it. It probably doesn’t take a detective to figure out who the Clue Luxury Edition is for, but it’s a gorgeous piece of work. Boddy of Evidence First of all, yes, this...

big bang theory clue

Enjoy Game Night With The Big Bang Theory Clue


Admit it, you’re as huge a “Big Bang Theory” fan as we are. And we’re totally pumped about the Big Bang Theory Clue that ThinkGeek has for $39.99. Playing off the gameplay from the classic Clue game, this version is hilarious as much as it is fun as you try...


Laser Maze: Like Solitaire, But With More Lasers


It is a fact that everything can be improved if you add lasers. The music of Pink Floyd? Check. Missiles? Check. Cats? Check. And now, we have a demonstration that single-player board games can be vastly improved with lasers, in the form of Laser Maze. The game is simplicity itself:...