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Wireless Charging Shows Up In A BMW


Samsung and BMW broke new ground this week by integrating a wireless cell phone charger into a 7-series BMW.  Unfortunately, and yes don’t get too excited, it’s currently only compatible with the Samsung T*Omnia.  Is it me, or does this setup look as good as a ‘dock’, which leads me...


Contactless Payment Shows Up In A BMW Key


Apparently, BMW dreams of a world where cold hard cash is no longer, and their keys are the currency of choice.  Afterall, BMWs have long been the choice of those trying to obtain social currency.  What the hell am I talking about?  BMW is set to introduce a car key...


BMW Set To Introduce Electric Mini: E Mini


The days of electric vehicles are finally upon us.  Come next year BMW plans to put 500 electric Minis on US roads.  The limited production number is a bit annoying, but in such a nascent market it’s probably financially warranted.  The all electric Mini, called the Mini E, will achieve...