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BMW Makes Solar Charging Look Good


One of the big problems of electric vehicles is that while you’re saving on emissions by avoiding the pump, you are still possibly creating a problem by plugging in and potentially getting your power from coal or oil. Leave it to the engineers at BMW to create an elegant, and...

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BMW’s 30th Anniversary M5 Celebrates With More Power


BMW has been making the M5 for three decades. That’s impressive in of itself, but BMW is, well, BMW, and they’re never content to rest on their laurels. Hence, the 30th Anniversary M5, which is just a wee bit of overkill. More Power! Essentially, BMW is celebrating by upping the...

bmw self driving car

BMW Builds Self-Drifting Car (video)


We’ve all heard of attempts of building a self-driving car, but BMW has really taken the whole self-driving thing up a notch with their very own self-drifting car that they unveiled at last week’s CES show in Las Vegas, NV. They showed off a modified 2-Series Coupe and a 6-Series...

bmw i8 key FOB

BMW’s i8 LCD Key FOB Displays Useful Car Info


BMW’s new i8 is a pretty next level ride. And it’s only fitting that the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car (that will debut this spring for $136,000) features a next-level key FOB, which is why it’s currently creating a cool buzz. The key FOB is pretty special since it has...


BMW’s 2015 M3 And M4 Bring The Speed


BMW isn’t noted for doing things in half measure with their M line of coupes and sedans. So it’s not a surprise that the 2015 model is going to herald some major changes for the M3 and the M4. But what those changes are might be a little surprising. Less...


The BMW Concept X4 Crosses An SUV And A Sedan


Most concept cars are just that: Concepts. They’re cars hand-built to show off at motor shows and to demonstrate new technologies, but mostly that technology turns up in other production cars, while the concepts eventually get sold off to private collectors. But sometimes, a concept will come to market… like...