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Logitech K480 Keyboard Works With Anything You Own


It’s a truth as universal as it is annoying; if you want all your devices to work with a specific keyboard, well, you’ll probably need either one for each, sign on for precisely one device ecosystem, or get used to swiping in words. Travelers in particular are driven insane by...


New Sensor Can Detect Concussions In Young Athletes


Playing sports is healthy for kids, but sometimes it can be dangerous. Contact sports like football are especially dangerous because of the high risk of concussions, which aren’t always immediately detected. The new Kickstarter campaign for Jolt wants to make any sport a lot safer for today’s youth. There’s inadequate...


Emberlight Transforms Ordinary Bulbs Into Smart Bulbs


The new Kickstarter campaign for Emberlight lets you take your existing bulbs and turn them into smart bulbs without any complicated equipment. Simply screw in a dimmable bulb of your choice and then connect it to your existing Wi-Fi router to control it via your smartphone or tablet. Not only...


The Beacon Smart Yoga Mat Perfects Your Pose


I’m not a huge yoga person, partly because I’m not that flexible and get embarrassed in classes where all the other students are yoga pros and can easily transition from downward dog to rising sun without stumbling. Not me, which is why the Beacon Yoga Mat is an ingenious invention...


goTenna Turns Your Phone Into A Two-Way Radio


Stuck in the woods and don’t know where you’re at? No problem if you have a goTenna device with you. Claiming it can provide service anywhere, anytime, the goTenna acts more as a two-way radio than a cell tower since it needs to connect with  another goTenna device to get...