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Southwing Intros SH241 Bluetooth Headset With One Touch News


Novelty never pushes a product to critical mass, but apparently Southwing didn’t get the memo.  They’ve introduced a Bluetooth headset, the SH241, that features a one touch button that auto dials AT&T’s ‘VoiceInfo’ service.  Once prompted, users can drill down into headlines, scores, weather and more all by voice.  Course,...


LG Decoy (Verizon) Review

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For the past few weeks I had the luxury of playing with the LG Decoy cell phone from Verizon wireless. It’s one of the first phones to feature an integrated Bluetooth headset into the body of the device. After testing, head shaking, numerous phones calls and hitting the open road...


BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset Review


In the case of Bluetooth headsets, too small is never a bad thing. The BlueAnt Z9i Blueooth headset is the perfect mix of size, weight and comfort. But those attributes are nothing without sound quality, volume and connectivity. So how does the Z9i perform? Is the Bluetrek Z9i any different...