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Bluewire: The Hands-Free Call Recording Solution


If you’re looking to make your Bluetooth headset even geekier, check out Bluewire, the world’s smartest Bluetooth headset call recorder. Yes, it records both sides of your important conversations easily and stores the recordings securely through your phone, but it does way more than just that. The Bluewire app can...


Best Deals Last Week: October 17th (list)


With plenty of sales over the last week it’s very clear how just about anyone could take advantage of the savings. Everything from Cameras to video game peripherals and Bluetooth Headsets have been graced with low prices, some of which the lowest we’ve ever seen. Here’s some of the best...


Samsung Modus 6450 Bluetooth Headset Is Workout Ready


Samsung’s Modus 6450 Bluetooth headset made its debut today.  It’s not just your garden variety headset as it can be manipulated using an accompanying Android app and has a port for plugging in a stereo headset for listening to tunes. The Android app will support voice command functionality and let users modify...

Jawbone Era-1

Jawbone Era Review


[rating: 4.5/5] Pros: Excellent sound quality and noise cancellation Feature rich with more options to come in the future Light weight and not too dorky Cons: Expensive; $129.99 Difficult to find a comfortable fit despite a myriad of included earbud sizes An Era is defined as a “a period marked...

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headhones

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones Resist Wetness


Remember those old school airplane headphones?  You know, the ones that looked like a stethoscope and use air to blast the audio into your ears?  That’s what Motorola’s S10-HD Bluetooth headphones remind me of.  They’re pretty analogous to the S9s, Motorola’s previous version, except Motorola says the “back housing is...


Looxcie Bluetooth Video Headset


For cars and airplanes there are black boxes.  But what about us humans?  When you get robbed, punched in the face or groped you probably want some proof, not to mention a detailed photo of the perp. The Looxcie looks like your average new fangled Bluetooth headset, but it’s actually...


Motorola H17txt Bluetooth Headset Reads Your Text Messages To You


Bluetooth headsets. Love them or hate them, they serve a purpose, and Motorola is set to release the H17txt with added functionality to keep businessmen’s ears covered forever. The device utilizes MotoSpeak text-to-speech technology, which reads your text messages to you when your phone receives them, even the acronyms like...