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Tactile Porn for Blind

Tactile Porn For The Blind, Feeling Is Believing


Here’s an interesting new idea: Artist Lisa J. Murphy has created Tactile Mind, an erotic book for the blind and visually impaired. Each page of the book features raised-plastic sexual imagery alongside Braille text and photos describing the image. Murphy first created these sorts of touchable images after working on...


Bionic Eyeballs, Need We Say More


Bionic eyeballs, cameras implanted into human eyes, sound pretty crazy. But a company called Bionic Vision Australia says they have a working prototype of said technology. They’ve collaborated with the University of New South Wales to create a pair of glasses mounted with a camera, a CPU located in a...


A Rubik’s Cube For The Sight Impaired


Those of us with the gift of sight no doubt take it for granted.  I myself could never imagine how I’d deal with the world if I was blind.  Designed for those who can read braille is the Color Rubik’s Cube.  It’s embossed in braille denoting the colors found on...

argus II operation

Argus II Bionic Eye Gets Successful Test Run


We’ve talked about the Argus II once before back in March, so this will be an update.  Seems that a test group of thirty two blind folks got implanted with Argus IIs, got their cameras and set out to see if they could actually see anything.  The early results are...


A Sight Seeing Helmet For The Blind


If you’re blind, well then you’re probably not reading this, but if you know someone who is blind then you might be familiar with the click and whistle system which helps the short on seeing to identify the location of objects, similar to how a bat navigates.  Now researchers at...