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Han Solo Biz Card Holder

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Business Card Holder

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You could walk into a meeting and simply remove your business cards from your pocket when the appropriate time comes.  But that’s hardly a conversation starter, unless of course you live in Patrick Bateman’s world.  That’s why you need this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite business card holder. Not only...


NES Controller Biz Card Holder

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Comic-con officially kicked off today, but I bet you dollars to donuts you won’t have one of these business card holders?  In fact I can guarantee you don’t have the NES Controller Biz Card Holder because it doesn’t ship until this October.  Inside are two compartments: one for holding your...


Microsoft Surface Readable Business Cards (video)


Microsoft's Surface is far from becoming ubiquitous. But that hasn't stopped Australian design firm Amnesia Razorfish from printing Surface readable tags on all their employees' business cards. Toss the card on the Surface and it calls up the employee directory [...]...