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Star Wars the Old Republic Going Free To Play


In a move that should come to a surprise to pretty much no one that pays attention, EA announced this afternoon that Star Wars the Old Republic will be transitioning from a subscription based model to a free to play one.  I say it should come as no surprise, because...

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Box Art_0

Mass Effect 3 Review (Xbox 360)


Mass Effect 2 was one of the hottest games last year, proving that not all sequels have to suck.  It was the perfect telling of the classic Space Opera, and everyone had hoped that Mass Effect 3 would be able to build on the fantastic groundwork that was laid and...


What Do You Want From Mass Effect 3?

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Now that Mass Effect 2 is almost upon us, will the massive amounts of hype and marketing actually add up?  I had some major issues with the first one, so I will not be playing Mass Effect 2.  Officially confirmed, Mass Effect 3 will “effectively” mark the end of the...


Mass Effect 2 Dated For January 2010, Pre-Order Goodies To Come

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I’ll say it right now that I have not been following the development of Mass Effect 2. I was thoroughly disappointed in the first installment and couldn’t even play through it.  Despite my disdain for this game this is an important nugget of gaming news. EA will be releasing Mass...