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Finally, We Have An Eye Scanner For Our Passwords


Admittedly, most of us don’t have a great password. We tend to balance convenience with security, and that’s not the best idea. But if you need to forget your password, and you’re overly paranoid, you finally have a eye scanner to feel like you’re in a ’90s movie about hacking....


5 Things That Make Skylock The Coolest Bike Lock (video)


If a bike is your choice of transpirations, then you totally understand what it feels like to want to keep your prized possession safe when unattended. Although you still lock up your bike while parked, if a thief wants it, they’re going to take it regardless. So why use an...

Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 Wants To Help You Make Smarter Lifestyle Choices


Looking to improve your lifestyle a bit? Then the Jawbone UP24 is what  you’ll want to help you do it. The band will help you gain better insight on how you sleep, eat and more so that you can improve your lifestyle for the better. The band is connected to...


The iTouchless Brings Biometrics To Your Front Door


With the iPhone 5S, biometrics are suddenly on everyone’s mind. And it’s incredibly neat that you can unlock a phone just by giving it the fing- heh, by scanning your finger. But biometrics have been around for a while, and currently, you can use them to lock your doors. No...


Digitize Your Health With Hexoskin – Wearable Body Metrics (video)

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Get the most from your workouts by wearing the Hexoskin wearable body metrics shirt that’s packed with sensors to monitor and measure your ECG, heart rate, berating, rate and volume, activity level, steps taken, cadence and so much more! This  Indiegogo campaign is great for health nuts who always want...


Nymi Uses Your Cardiac Fingerprint To Secure Your Life


We all want to be more secure, especially now that we know government authorities can basically find our underwear size if we’ve shopped online. And Nymi can actually help with that, using a distinctive feature nobody can copy; your heart. No, not in a cuddly way. In a hard password...


MYO Gesture Arm Band Q&A: Everything You Wanted to Know About the “Minority Report” Like Product

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The Myo effectively makes every screen a touchscreen.  Ok, perhaps it’s a gross oversimplification, but if you’ve checked out the video and the article I wrote in February of this year you understand what I’m alluding to.  The Myo slips over your arm and using a variety of sensors is...


iOS7 Might Soon Be Able To Read Your Fingerprints


Biometrics are highly popular among tech and smartphone manufacturers right now. Passwords can be hacked, but the shape of your face can’t. Fingerprints are harder to imitate than finding out the name of your first pet. And the biometric end of things might be about to get a huge boost...

Whistle Monitor

Understand Your Dog Better With The Whistle Activity Monitor


Wishing you could understand your dog a bit better? While Fido isn’t going to talk back to you soon, the Whistle Activity Monitor can provide you with some insight into your dog’s behavior. The on-collar device attaches to your dog’s collar and measures your dog’s activities like walks, play rest...

melon headband

Gain Focus With The Melon Headband


Google Glass might be the next big thing in wearable technology, but the Melon Headband and Mobile App might be as big if the Kickstarter campaign gets funded and catches on. The Melon is supposed to measure your focus and provide you with insight into how your mind works. It...

Stoppels of Netherlands takes part in the Flyboard world championship semi-final in Doha

Prepare to be a Superhero on Vacation!


Have you made plans for summer vacation yet?  We’re going to give you some tips to come back in a few months with real snaps of your secret superhero alter ego. So get prepared, you have three months to plan. You know that Superheros really exist right? They’re just ordinary people...