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RIDEYE Is A Black Box Camera For Your Bike


Cyclists know how dangerous each ride can be. There are a lot of close calls with cars and pedestrians, especially if you ride in the city. The new Kickstarter campaign for RIDEYE is a black box camera that mounts on your bike and allows cyclists to feel safer while out...


Urbantrike Wants To Bring Back The Big Wheel For Adults

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We all remember the Big Wheel, as kids: Tooling around in a tricycle, we felt we could go anywhere. That feeling eventually fades, although adults like Mark Malkoff have made a compelling argument for the Big Wheel as a transportation device for grown-ups. Urbantrike would like to take that idea...

Cannondale Bad Boy 1

Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Review


ith a single fork design, matte black finish, and 27 gears, Cannondale Bad Boy 1 is one of the most tenacious hybrid bicycles one could ask for.  The front and back tires, which aren’t quite road bike slicks, have been outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes.  That said, the name, Bad...


Rubbee Turns Any Bicycle Into An Electric Bike


Electric bicycles are seemingly the best of both worlds: If your battery runs out, you just start pedaling. They’re also cheap compared to other transportation options. The problem, though, is that they’re still relatively expensive, and using conversion kits generally requires some technological knowhow. Plus you wind up with a...


Touring Quadricycle Lets You Put The Kids Up Front


Sometimes, I think Hammacher Schlemmer is just a front for some guy who wants to import weird bicycles but is somehow embarrassed about it. These are the guys importing a bar powered by cycling, drinking patrons, after all. By that standard, the Touring Quadracycle isn’t quite so odd… but it’s...