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The Sandwichbike Ships In Pieces


When you buy a bike, you buy it full assembled. But the people behind the Sandwichbike didn’t like the expensive shipping rates of fully assembled bikes and came up with their own fix…the Sandwichbike. Built from a “sandwich” of two weather-coated frames of plywood then bonded together with “smart cylinders,”...


Voxan Wattman Motorcycle Is Fast, Powerful… And Electric?


Electric vehicles, when they’re discussed, are generally discussed in terms of cars. But what about motorcycles? Unlike cars, motorcycles are lighter, faster and easier to make and sell. Which is why Voxan is currently talking up the virtues of their Wattman bike. Watts To Miles There’s no denying the Wattman...


Hovding Inflatable Bike Helmet Now On Sale (video)


Back in 2010, we first wrote about the Hovding Inflatable Bike Helmet that features a built-in gas generator that inflates the collar to become a full-blown helmet in 0.1 seconds before any head impact. Now you get your own! The concept came about from Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. It’ll deploy only when its sensors detect...

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Red Bull Creates Real-Life Excitebike Course (video)


Old school gamers might remember Nintendo’s Excitebike video game and now Red Bull has created a real-life course molded after the one in the game. The Red Bull track looks like the game’s with the Straight Rhythym super cross track. The course is a half-mile track that’s filled with jumps and fast...


The Gunbus 410 Is The World’s Largest Motorcycle


For those who prefer two-wheeled toys will definitely be interested in the Gunbus 410. Touted as the world’s largest motorcycle, it may look like any old motorcycle, but up close it’s a monster compared to a regular bike. It measures 11.6 feet long and is 4.9 feet high and rides...


Lock and Locate your Smart Bike With LOCK8 (video)


Make sure your smart bike is secure and locked with the world’s first smart bike lock, LOCK8. The Kickstarter campaign is a keyless security device that uses your smartphone to keep your smart bike safe. And in case your smartphone runs out of battery, you’ll be provided with a keyfob...


See.Sense Is A Brighter Bike Light…In More Ways Than One


As any cyclist knows, biking at night can be something of an endeavor you do at your own risk. Night visibility, especially on darker routes, can be low, and you need some form of light that gets attention. Like, for example, the See.Sense. There’s A Light Starting with the basics,...


Fix It Sticks: A Smart Tool For Cyclists


If you’re a bicyclist, you will, at some point, have to tighten various objects on your bike. It’s just a fact of bike ownership. And it can be an enormous pain in the butt. But Fix-It Sticks has a smart solution to this problem that may just make them a...