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Meet DURT, The Wooden Mountain Bike


Most bikes are made of extremely high-end composites and fibers that come from the cutting edge of materials science: Carbon fiber, for example, is so light and durable it’s practically a slam dunk for bikes. But it’s also less sustainable than the humble wooden frame, especially when properly engineered. Or...


Shelfie Is A Good Looking Stand To Hang Your Bike


There could be many reasons why a biker may want to hang his bike in his house or apartment. It could very well be a trophy you want to showcase, for maintenance or simply to save space especially if you’re living in an apartment. Things might change in the near...


The Lotus C-01 Superbike Is Gloriously Impractical

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Motorcycles are rarely seen as the belles of the superpowered ball, largely thanks to the fact that the focus is often more on packing as much speed into the motor as you can instead of the styling. Which is why the Lotus C-01 stands out; it may be horribly impractical,...

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Flying Machine Uses 3D Printers To Customize Titanium Bikes


We’re a long way off from having 3D printers in our homes, but it’s becoming more and more common in businesses. And the technology is improving more and more, as Flying Machine is showing off with their new, 3D printed titanium bike. Indestructible Titanium is obviously a preferred metal for...


Fly6 Taillight And Camera Protects Cyclists On The Road


If you’re a cyclist, you might have already invested in a helmet camera. Much like Russia’s insurance industry makes owning a dashcam a necessity, cyclists know the value in recording everything that’s happening as they pump pedals. But how do you cover the back end? Fly6 has the answer. Cover...


The Aeyo Combines Rollerblades And Bikes


There are a lot of ways to get around using nothing but tubes of metal, wheels, and our own powerful, flexing muscles. But, let’s face it, not all of them are quite as fun as others, and it can be hard to innovate in the whole “human locomotion” arena. But...


Magnic Light Bike Light Uses Magnets To Light Your Bike


Bike lights are essential to your safety if you’re riding a bike at night, and there’s nothing more annoying, or scarier, than the idea your light might suddenly shut down while you’re riding. The Magnic Light, and we assure you that’s not a typo, solves this problem, by taking batteries...


Samsung And Trek Team Up To Make Smartphone-Friendly Bikes


The bicycle is one of the more effective means of conveyance out there. But it’s also not necessarily one best-suited to our connected lifestyle; if you see a cyclist on his or her phone, you’re probably seeing somebody about to get hit by a semi. But that doesn’t mean there...

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The Orp Combines A Powerful Bike Light And Horn


Cycling is a fun hobby that can help keep you fit, but the reality is, it’s also pretty dangerous in traffic, more dangerous than even cyclists may realize sometimes. So amid the phone chargers and other toys you can bolt to your bike, you might want to consider a bright...