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N’Lock Lock Secures Your Bike From Thieves


If your bicycle is your only mode of transportation in your city, then you probably already own a bike lock. But what if we tell you that your bike is probably getting evil eyes from those just waiting to steal it. You’d definitely want a better lock, right? Well your...


Jyrobike Is As Easy As… Well, You Know


True confession time: As a kid, learning to ride a bike was the worst. I eventually got it, but a tendency towards being a bit timid and afraid of hurting myself combined with the fact that my bike was thirty years old and poorly maintained made learning a miserable experience....


FlyPedals Make Your Clipless Pedal Platforms With A Click


“Clipless” pedals, so in quotes because they do actually feature clips, are great for long-range cycling. They keep your feet attached to the pedal and transfer more energy to your bike. They really make a difference. Unfortunately, you also need cleats to click in and use them in the first...

Morpher helmet

Morpher Bike Helmet Folds In Half For Easy Storage


Bike helmets aren’t always the easier thing to store, but it certainly is an important accessory when cycling since it protects your head from accidents. However, not many wear them because of their inconvenience of storing them. The Morpher Bike Helmet eliminates this problem with its foldable design. It literally...


Stemlock Protects Your Bike From Being Stolen


Thieves don’t care if you have a lock on your bike because they’re find a way to pick it.┬áKeep you bike safe and sound from conniving thieves while out in the city with Stemlock from the French company IXOW! The device internally disconnects your bike’s handlebar stem from its fork,...

vanhawks valor

Vanhawks Valour Brings The Connected Bike To The Streets


Bicycles are a useful way to get around, but they’re not exactly what you call intelligent. Most advanced with the bicycle have largely centered around materials science or solving mildly annoying problems like the greasy chain. So Vanhawks is trying to rebuild the bike, to make it connected and that...


The “Forever” Lock Is Completely Unpickable (Video)

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One of the problems with locks is that in the long run, they’re fairly easy to open if you know what you’re doing. That’s especially problematic for cyclists, who often find themselves short a bike when a quick picker is in the area. The “Forever” Lock is built to stop...


6 Ways Cylo Changes The Modern Bike (List)


Urban biking is becoming more and more commonplace as cars become more expensive and gas even more so. But the modern bicycle needs an overhaul to be suitable for cities, which is where Cylo comes in. Here’s six ways it tweaks the bicycle to make it an urban vehicle worth...


Double-O Bike Lights Add Style To Your Ride


Bike lights are crucial to cyclist safety. Essentially, if you’re going out at night with just a set of reflectors, you’re going to get run over. But it also raises a whole host of problems, ranging from the ugliness of the light to the fact that, well, if thieves can’t...