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noke bike lock

The Noke U-Lock Links Your Bike Lock To Your Phone


As bicycles become a more common way of getting around cities, there comes another issue; locking them down against would-be thieves. The standard U-lock has, of course, served as a steel hobble on the aspirations of thieves for years now, but far be it from the makers of the twenty-first...


Seatylock Ensures You Never Forget Your Bike Lock


If you own a bike, you’ve definitely had one of two experiences. One, you come out of work, or the store, or some other location, and discover your bike lock has been sheared off with a pair of bolt cutters and your bike is gone. Or two, some jackass stole...


Visiobike Is A Modern Bike That Uses Your iPhone


Pretty much anything can attach to your iPhone these days. Still, it takes something unique to create a bike that’s a rolling iPhone dock, among other purposes. But that’s the design of the Visiobike, an attempt to reimagine how we get around on wheels. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling The bike itself...


Vier Adds Some Extra Protection To Your Bike


Cable locks for bikes have been around for ages, but some believe that they cannot provide definite protection against theft, as people have found easy ways to get rid of it. Due to this factor, Allen and Paige Young have created Vier bike lock which aims to take security to...


Mybell: A Bike Horn And Light That’s Customizable

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Bike horns and bells are pretty straightforward in their design; they’re not built to reflect your personality, they’re built to catch the attention of people around you so that you don’t plow into them. But, of course, we live in a customizable age, and it was only a matter of...