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6 Things We Supposedly Know About Microsoft’s Smartwatch (List)


Microsoft is making a bid to be its own hardware manufacturer. That hasn’t exactly paid off the way the company has been hoping; the Surface Pro was widely critically praised and just as widely ignored by consumers. But Microsoft is pushing ahead, full speed ahead, with new gear. Including, supposedly,...


Sigma dp2 Quattro Is The Strangest Little Point-And-Shoot Camera You’ve Ever Seen


We’ve got to doff our hats to Sigma, mostly notable for its lenses; when it comes to the decline of the point-and-shoot, they’re ignoring conventional wisdom and putting out odd, but clever, new cameras that might just revitalize the point-and-shoot compact camera. Or, at the very least, give it a...


Apple’s New Acquisition Hints At The Future Of Apple TV


The Apple TV is both a success and a failure. It’s hard to dismiss a device that’s sold thirteen million units, but by the same token, all you have to do is look at how popular it is as a streaming platform to realize it’s been left far, far behind...