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Bike + Stroller = The Taga Bike Stroller (video)

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The Taga combines a high end stroller with, you guessed it, a bicycle.  But of course, like most high end strollers it’s not cheap; it starts at about $2,400. So what else do you get for all that cash?  An aluminum frame, Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gear hub, disc brakes,...


GoCycle: An Electrically Powered Fold Up Bicycle


Although I still don’t agree with electrically powered bicycles – it removes the point of biking – the GoCycle is a far better compromise than that of a Scooter or Motorbike, which depend purely on fossil fuel to run.  Developed by Richard Thorpe, a race car designer for McClaren, the...


Kevlar And Carbon Fiber Wire Frame Bike


Until I bought my Specialized bicycle a few years ago, I thought they were all about function and completely void of form.  Turns out I was wrong.  When I started shopping for the right bicycle I realized I was searching for both form and function.  Some how aesthetics got in...


Bergmönch: A Cool, Foldable Bicycle (video)


Traversing a vast hill can be great exercise, but the descending can be a knee numbing experience. The Bergmönch is a folding bike that easily converts into a backpack. There’s no pedals, so this sucker is built for the down hill adrenaline junky. It weighs a total of 21lbs –...