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This Stylish Bike Fits Inside A Briefcase


Collapsible bikes are nothing new, but I haven’t seen one as slick and stylish as this. The “International Bike,” a limited edition racing bike created for Wallpaper, was designed by Kinfolk & Coat. It’s stored in a very nice looking leather bag designed by Nivaldo de Lima. There’s also one called...

Monster Truck Bicycle

Monster Truck Bicycle (video)


Toss a motor in this thing and then were talking.  Otherwise, this bicycle with a monster truck tire is just straight stupid.  But nonetheless I’m sitting here and writing a post about this over the top contraption.  Why is it that the extreme of anything garners so much attention.  If...

Nokia Bike Charger

Nokia Bike Charger Rolls Its Way To Developing Nations


I’m all for getting off the proverbial grid and Nokia’s newest product, although largely antiquated given the tech, does just that.  Okay, so it’s not exactly like they’re saving the dolphins, but the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit attaches to any bike, captures your peddle power and converts it into talk...

M55 Electric Bike

M55’s EVO-001 Claims To Be The World’s First Luxury Bike (video)


The M55 EVO-001 electric bike draws a very thin line between bicycle and motorcycle.  On one hand it has pedals, on the other its electric motor can propel it up to 43mph, that is assuming you’ve got the higher end 1300 watt version.  Otherwise the more street friendly version, which...

Biologic - 1

Biologic iPhone Bike Mount Review


As an avid recreational cyclist, I love using the EveryTrail App on my iPhone to chronicle my trips and share them with friends.  The annoying thing was that I had to stop riding and unpack my phone every time I wanted to use the app to make a note of...


B-Cycle: Shared Bicycles Finally Hit The U.S. (video)


The health benefits of biking are indisputable.  Toss in the daily commute and you can eco cred to your score card.  B-cycle is a shared bicycle program that let’s you pick up a bike when you need it or drop it off when you don’t at one of their many...

Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel Scooter Is Unicycle Meets Skateboard (video)


Talk about an accident waiting to happen?  The Magic Wheel Scooter is essentially a modified unicycle, although a smaller skateboard sized wheel on the rear seems to provide added balance.  The video depicts a teen rider easily cruising along with cell phone firmly pressed against his ear while eating an...

Joby Bike

Joby Gorillapod Bike


In attempt to garner some press – it’s clearly working – Joby, the folks that make those bendy tripods, replaced part of a bicycle’s frame with their metal ball-and-socket tripod legs.  As you can see, they also replaced the handle bars, which it ain’t a half bad idea, that is...

hmk 561electricbike

HMK 561: Electric Carbon Fiber Bike With No Pedals And Regenerative Braking


This is not just a concept, there is a real working prototype.  Hard to believe I know, especially considering how forward thinking the HMK 561 bicycle is.  Aside from having a set of split set of wheels at either end, this bike of the future uses a special carbon fiber...


Firefly: A Uniquely Smart Bike Light


The Firefly light rethinks the rear bike light and adds additional safety to the already popular illumination tool. Instead of just flashing red, the Firefly uses infrared sensors to detect when there is an approaching vehicle and not only increases its intensity but distributes light onto the rider’s back.  Additionally,...

Taga Bike stroller

Bike + Stroller = The Taga Bike Stroller (video)

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The Taga combines a high end stroller with, you guessed it, a bicycle.  But of course, like most high end strollers it’s not cheap; it starts at about $2,400. So what else do you get for all that cash?  An aluminum frame, Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gear hub, disc brakes,...